The CFO’s Guide to Cost Efficient IT Strategies

In today’s disruptive economy, IT agility is a key strategic advantage.  When your organization is first to implement the next big idea – whatever it may be – you stand to gain an edge over your competitors.  If you can continuously deploy new solutions on an accelerated basis, you’ll quickly end up in a leadership position.

As a financial leader, you need to ensure that your company’s deployment strategy not only speeds time to value but also maximizes ROI from the start.

The Cost of Inefficiency
Underlying infrastructure choices can impact both costs and agility. When new solutions are rolled out on piecemeal, non-optimized platforms, companies end up spending more money and extending timelines:

  • Engineers have to spend more time upfront custom-configuring systems and ordering infrastructure elements (work that adds 25% to project timelines)
  • Inefficient resource utilization means companies must over-provision systems (pay for more than they need) to ensure adequate performance levels
  • Incompatibility issues create additional complexities that must be manually corrected over the lifetime of the deployment
  • Administrators have to use multiple tools to set up and maintain systems, a complexity that just adds more overhead and delays without benefit
  • Technology investments can’t easily be shifted when corporate priorities change
  • IT sprawl creates larger data center footprints and energy consumption issues

Hyper-convergence: The Smarter Choice
From the start, new hyper-converged infrastructure solutions were designed to accelerate deployment.  These modular, all-in-one building blocks come pre-configured with the exact amount of server, storage and networking resources needed to launch specific applications.  With one management interface to control pre-integrated resources, administrators can set the entire solution up with just five clicks. 

From a financial perspective, we recommend CFOs look at the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Hyper Converged System, off-the-shelf products that boost project ROI by:

  • Lowering CAPEX by ensuring that investments are rightsized for each project
  • Reducing the administrative work needed to deploy, troubleshoot and manage systems over the long run
  • Minimizing data center overhead
  • Expanding the lifetime value of IT investments as these resources can be shifted to any future endeavor

Best of all? These modular building blocks provide greater financial predictability as organizations scale specific projects and expand headcount.

Remaining uninformed on infrastructure options could be costing your business – financially, operationally and strategically.  To learn how hyper-convergence can speed deployment, boost ROI and reduce TCO of your entire IT infrastructure, contact us for an assessment today.

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