IIS, Red Hat and Intel Team Up for New Webinar Series

Chasing Shadows: Controlling the Cloud in the Age of Expectation

Cloud has gone rogue. Developers and end users expect their needs to be met immediately, and with cloud’s rapid and simple provisioning capabilities, they’ve taken matters into their own hands. The result is unregulated Shadow IT – and at the pace the world moves today, a slap on the wrist won’t stop it. Your cloud needs to offer a better way of doing business.

In Chasing Shadows: Controlling the Cloud in the Age of Expectation, IIS's Red Hat Practice Lead, Jesse Barker, guides you through three Red Hat tools that streamline your IT resources and remove the need for Shadow IT. This webinar series goes beyond simply telling you why you need them; Jesse shows you the tools and how to leverage them for your business to cut costs and eliminate vulnerabilities.

Session I: CloudForms
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Session 2: Ansible Tower
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