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It all begins with getting to know how big data analytics helps drive your business. Big data solutions and analytical technologies such as Vertica and Hadoop offer unprecedented marketing advantages and operational efficiencies, allowing business leaders to deliver a more personalized, relevant customer experience. IIS fully leverages these technologies both through our unsurpassed expertise and our close relationships with our partners.

“Our technical know-how is as good as the manufacturers we represent,” said IIS founder and CEO John Iacone, referring to IIS’ partnerships with HP, VMware and RedHat. “Our ability to bring knowledge and expertise to our customers is the critical ingredient for our success.”

With the additions of Chief Data Scientist Don Vilen and Data Analytics Expert Joel Rubinson, IIS is poised to offer even more to its customers – already in 2014, CIO Review named us to its “100 Most Promising Big Data Companies” list.

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Data lakes are quickly becoming the modern data architecture of the next generation of enterprise data platforms, addressing many of the shortcomings of today’s enterprise data warehouses. Read this white paper to find out more about the capabilities of Apache™ Hadoop® as the next-generation, modern enterprise data platform alongside key opportunities.

Read our latest whitepaper to find out more about the universe of possibilities big data has opened. This article discusses the right marketing questions to ask of big data and which data to collect and analyze for better big data-driven campaigns.

More business and technology executives are beginning to acknowledge the value of investing in Big Data technologies. However, benefiting from Big Data is not as easy as switching on a light switch, which too many executives incorrectly assume. Read on to discover where organizations can yield cost savings and productivity gains resulting from sound Big Data technology implementations.

No one doubts the potential business value of Big Data Analytics, a multi-billion dollar opportunity. However, with great potential comes great security risk. Read more to learn about the top five Big Data security considerations you need to be aware of today.

A recent survey sponsored by Forbes sheds light on the real-world results of using Big Data in the marketing realm. In fact, in many organizations today, the marketing function is the most ardent champion of Big Data projects. Forbes’ survey of over 200 marketing professionals discovered that enterprises that use Big Data more often in decision making outperform their peers in key performance metrics.


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