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What we do...

When you’re developing your company’s cloud strategy, putting together all the pieces of the puzzle can be confusing and time consuming. IIS Hybrid Cloud Solutions can help you … Get Cloud Clarity.

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If you have any of the following questions about moving your IT to the cloud, IIS has the answers to help you put the puzzle pieces together:

How we do it...

At IIS, we take a common-sense approach to serving our clients. First, we make sure we understand our clients’ business requirements, their applications and all the possible use cases. Then we do something that most IT service providers don’t: We take a vendor agnostic approach to help clients determine the best execution venue to achieve their expected business outcomes.

Proof that our approach works...

By not pushing one particular product, we eliminate market complexity and provide our clients with choice, flexibility and recommendations. We deliver right-sized solutions that shorten the evaluation, proof of concept and procurement processes, so we accelerate time to value.

Whether you need help selecting the right cloud platform or assistance implementing, integrating or “hybridizing” your environment, IIS Hybrid Cloud Solutions can help you execute on time and within budget.

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Solution Portfolio

Most companies that help businesses leverage the cloud promote and sell specific vendors, whether or not they are the best fit for their customers. IIS is vendor-agnostic, so we don’t favor one cloud management platform or service provider over another. That translates into a true business advantage for our clients.

With IIS Hybrid Cloud Solutions, you get choice and flexibility. We make it easy to mix and match the best solutions and support models for your unique applications and use cases.

1) CMP - Cloud Management Platform
or various private cloud software

Every enterprise is looking for efficiencies and effectiveness. The easiest way to gain them is by implementing the right CMP sooner, rather than later.
  • CMP software enables clients to become internal service brokers and deliver ITaaS with control through policy based governance.
  • IIS can evaluate the best CMP fit for a client and build out service catalogs that offer users an app store like experience. Automating the end-to-end delivery of IT infrastructure services shortens provisioning timelines and ensures the highest levels of quality deployments.
  • Orchestration tools have various sized workflow libraries and some are more sophisticated than others. Let IIS Hybrid Cloud Solutions help you align your IT & business processes with the right orchestration engines.

Whether you’re managing a simple private cloud or a complex multi-cloud environment consisting of vSphere, AWS, Azure, OpenStack, Eucalyptus, and various other IaaS and/or public cloud service offerings, cost transparency and more importantly Operational consistency of capacity, configuration and performance management are of paramount importance.

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2) CSB - Cloud Services Brokerage
or public cloud service options

Whether you are a CIO that has initiated a “Cloud First” edict, are following one, or feel the opportunity to leverage the “cloud” is presenting itself for a particular use case, IIS Hybrid Cloud Solutions (IIS HCS) can assist in the process.
IIS HCS can short-circuit the process of evaluating what provider meets your needs best for cloud based subscription services that avoids CapEx, long provisioning delays and tech refresh.
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers like AWS, Azure, Google, Century Link, Rackspace and VMware all have a purposeful fit.
  • Desktop as a Service (DaaS). The next generation of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), minus the complexity.
  • Backup as a Service (BaaS). Leverage your investment in your existing data protections software or change it. Either way, there are excellent compliant solutions to safeguard data vs unreliable tape for backup, retrieval and archival.
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). Business Continuity just became affordable. No more big budgets, big builds, and big risks!
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS). We support HP Developers Platform, RedHat OpenShift CenturyLink App Fog, and Pivotal CF.
  • Container Services. We can provide a secure path from VMs to containers or Elastic Container Infrastructure for the modern enterprise.
  • Security as a Service. Every cloud portfolio must be complemented with security service offerings to protect the perimeter and the soft middle.

3) CSI - Cloud Services Integration
or hybrid cloud enablement services

CMP and CSB are only as effective as their implementations. IIS Hybrid Cloud Solutions (IIS HCS) cloud adoption framework and methodologies are leveraged in a wide variety of engagements for either CMP and/or CSB; or to “hybridize” a private and public cloud deployment collectively.
IIS HCS can facilitate, enhance and add value by:
  • Developing a clear hybrid cloud strategy and roadmap.
  • Helping determine the Best Execution Venue (BEV).
  • Providing AWS Architecture Design & Deployment support.
  • Enabling ITaaS by building out a unified service catalog for our client’s end-users, so they can have an app store like experience after providing an initial CMP fit evaluation.
  • On-boarding via a “White Glove” QuickStart to public cloud platforms ensures the networking and security is done correctly, so clients can focus on their applications.
  • Migrating workloads and managing the environment from our NOC for clients that don’t have the appetite or internal people, processes and tools to do it themselves.
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Key Benefits

  • Gain business agility with automated IT services

    Automation improves quality and dramatically reduces provisioning timelines, which means you can be more agile while also saving money. Service catalogs provide your internal customers with an app store experience that makes it easy to provision your end-point targets (i.e., vSphere, AWS, Azure, Red Hat OpenShift, HPE Helion OpenStack, and HPE Helion Eucalyptus). With IIS Hybrid Cloud Solutions, there is always a match for your customer’s requirements and use cases.

  • Exercise control through policy-based governance

    Implementing policy-based governance solves numerous business and IT challenges. It ensures that users receive the right applications and the right resources. And because human provisioning errors are eliminated, Quality Assurance levels increase and best practices for patch management are easier to implement.

  • Empower IT with intelligent resource management

    The ability of your business analytics to align expenses with IT services means you will always know the true cost of every service. IIS Hybrid Cloud Solutions can enable an executive scorecard that provides management with the information needed to make sound business decisions in real time. So your cloud implementation gives you the power to stay on top of business trends, be proactive and head off potential problems.

  • Develop operational efficiencies

    Disparate environments add management complexity, and complexity adds risk. The right operations and business management tools can reduce complexity by allowing you to view performance, capacity and configurations through a single console. With a holistic view of your business, your risk is mitigated and your Total Cost of Ownership goes down.

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