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The consumerization of IT has raised the stakes for CIOs. Your internal customers want more innovation than ever before, and they expect IT services to be delivered on demand.

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You know your customers have gotten smarter about IT. If they’re dissatisfied with the service they receive, they will bypass your organization and adopt alternative solutions – leaving you with the problem of Shadow IT. Combine this with the cloud initiatives you already have implemented and your challenge grows: How do you manage disparate environments, islands of services and independent workloads that are growing in complexity?

IIS Hybrid Cloud Solutions can help you solve this problem by implementing ITaaS. We will help your team identify and integrate the Cloud Management Platform that can meet all of your requirements while leveraging your existing IT investments.

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Automation is expressly designed to expedite the delivery of provisioned resources or end-point targets that correlate with client’s IT services that meet their business requirements.
A unified Service Catalog of these items presents the end-user with app store like experience that allows the service brokerage of IT infrastructure services. Catalog items can include applications, virtual machines (ESXi, KVM and Hyper V), private IaaS (OpenStack, vCloud Director, and Eucalyptus for those who need an AWS compatible private cloud), as well as public cloud solutions whether they be SaaS, PaaS, or IaaS like AWS, Azure or Google.

Higher levels of control can be accomplished by implementing policy for each organization and down to the user level in order to leverage best practices for ongoing Governance.

If you don’t have people with the experience and expertise, IIS Hybrid Cloud Solutions can help you select, implement and build out your automation, service catalog, policy and governance solutions.


A fundamental component of Automation that goes unheralded is Orchestration. Having all the right services in the catalog from the right internal or external provider is only half the battle for IT.
Manual tasks that exist in today’s world can be automated by IT and thus turned into services that can be added to the IT Services Catalog.

The tasks need to be aligned with the business processes and objectives they were intended to support and through the use of extensive workflow libraries, pre-built blueprints or custom workflows/blueprints that IIS Hybrid Cloud Solutions can build, the IT-Business alignment process facilitated by us can expand your Service Catalog items and thus deliver more easy to consume services that were previously manual tasks and get you an even better return on your investment.

Operations Management

Getting a homogenous view or visibility in one place, across applications, private clouds, public clouds, or just storage and network devices, with an open and extensible platform supported by third-party management packs is absolutely critical to gaining operational efficiencies, reducing operational risk and reducing your Total Cost of Ownership.
IIS Hybrid Cloud Solutions has the management software experience and expertise to help our clients best leverage their existing investments or implement additional operations management software that helps streamline many of today’s complex management tasks and functions.

Business Management

Just like Orchestration is the unheralded part of Automation, IT Business Management is often the most underutilized component of Operations Management software.
When you have access to the powerful reports that ITBM software can provide, but it mostly ends up as shelf ware, the control over IT spending is given away.

IIS Hybrid Cloud Solutions can help implement the costs for your services that are being added to the Services Catalogs, so that visibility and full transparency can be realized, so any CIO can know their expense in real time and use dashboards to help determine which investments are the ones that should be promoted, which resources should be reclaimed and what to double down on for future investments.

Each customer's business management can be further enhanced by IT business analytics that gets generated in the form of an executive scorecard. You can define metrics across each and every or all your Service Catalog items and manage relevant KPIs for your business in real-time.
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