Solutions like Hybrid Cloud, Big Data Analytics and High Performance Computing are the turbochargers of today’s IT environment. And IIS is at the head of the pack installing, optimizing and fine-tuning them for you so that they actually solve your challenges. (That is why they’re called solutions.) When combined with essential, value added Services, a solutions package from IIS will operate at the same maximum efficiency as the day we installed it. And we ensure that day goes smoothly as well, thanks to our unique demo center and staging facility.

In fact, one of the key values our clients appreciate about us is how we integrate various solutions from various partners into one powerful, seamless solution.


Cloud is on a mission to change the world. IIS can help you determine if cloud is right for your company’s mission.

IIS has the expertise to transform your existing infrastructure into a Cloud environment; leveraging as much of your current infrastructure as possible. Our decade plus of experience with software and management solutions uniquely positions our team to architect, design and deploy a cloud system with the right capabilities for your hardware, software and application provisioning.
IIS is one a limited number of partners that has earned being an HP Cloud Center of Excellence. And, as one of a limited number of partners who are both an HP Converged Infrastructure Elite Partner and a VMware Premium Partner, we have certified experts in:

• Converged Infrastructure
• HP Cloud System
• vCloud Director
• HP Cloud Services
• HP VirtualSystem

Big Data Analytics

In today’s IT and business environment, its not simply about the size or volume of data. It’s the efficient handling of it, and more importantly, the consequent potential of that data to drive business intelligence. Especially as new sources of information from social media and mobile devices are being added at exponential rates compared to traditional data.

Big data represents new technology challenges with processing and generating usable information – not an easy task using current methodologies or tools. In many cases, you don’t know what data is worth keeping.

Big data needs to be identified, captured, stored, managed, secured, and analyzed in order to provide actionable business insights.

IIS, in alliance with HP can help your organization set the overall big data strategy to create a roadmap of recommendations and initiatives.

We can help manage structured and unstructured data to make the most of existing investments. We can update infrastructure to facilitate quick search, cataloging and indexing of unstructured data. We leverage big data technologies such as Hadoop to improve your ability to make intelligent decisions through advanced exploratory analytics.

Secure Wireless Networking/Edge Device Security

The era of BYOD (bring your own device) has brought challenges, first and foremost how to manage employees bringing their own mobile devices and using these to access privileged company resources.

Left unmanaged, breaches to corporate and private networks will result. In fact, already are resulting.

IIS offers leading solutions to enable secure network access for corporate issued and personal mobile devices, providing a view across all brands of equipment and devices that eliminate network blindspots.

According to Gartner, heterogeneous network access control (NAC) will be a key element in a flexible approach to securing a “bring your own device” (BYOD) environment. Gartner research director Lawrence Orans says, “The ability to support NAC policies in wireless LANs will become more important during the BYOD era.”

There are advantages if your company chooses to adopt a BYOD policy – chief among them significant cost savings over purchasing high priced devices for employees. But the advantages have to be smartly offset with proper preventative security measure. We’ll be happy to take on that challenge for you.

High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing (HPC) allows organizations and companies, to solve complex problems using applications that require high bandwidth, low latency, and very high compute capabilities to deliver instantaneous results. IIS architected systems accelerate innovation - from mainstream applications to the grandest scientific challenges.

IIS can bring together the optimal HPC and low latency solutions for your challenge, business sector, and budget resulting in:

• Scalable performance to speed advancements with a converged infrastructure, purpose-built for scale.
• Maximum efficiency to optimize your performance footprint with the world’s most efficient systems.
• Instant-on agility to deploy easily, adapt quickly to change, and improve quality of service.

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