Our Approach

We think that’s a great start for any mission. As a team, we’re open, curious, reachable and collaborative. Because today’s technology demands immersive team input. Together, we’re focused on mining every possibility for your benefit - to maximize value, performance, and efficiency.

To accomplish that, we’re “all in, all the time.” Projects are evaluated continually in their evolution - not just at pre-determined checkpoints, but whenever a team member feels it’s necessary.

That kind of ownership and accountability leads other companies to write such things about us as: “It was apparent to me that the folks at IIS are seasoned professionals who can adapt to changing circumstances while remaining focused on the customer.”  -Craig Keenan, DTCC

Project Methodology

On each project, from day one, IIS puts collaboration and a rigorous process into practice. It starts at the top, with easy access to IIS principals. From there, IIS develops a top-down management scheme that meets all business goals and offers flexibility and scalability to respond to changing business conditions, revised objectives, altered timetables, and more. Once a project is completed, we provide continuing maintenance and customer support.
See the interactive chart below to see how we frame project phases.

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